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Laser Pointer Safety

Laser pointers are useful tools for many people.  Hey, they're a lot of fun too!  With that in mind, we want to share some safety tips when using them.  MWE laser modules are certified to meet FDA and IEC regulations.


Please note: 

Caution - use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure


General Laser Safety

- The user of this laser pointer is not to modify the unit or remove the Laser Module Cap during operation

- This laser pointer should never be operated if the Laser Module is defective or if the laser pointer body is damaged

- This laser module is not serviceable and should be returned to MWE for replacement if defective

- The laser module in this laser pointer is a maintenance free device. If cleaning the laser pointer housing, the batteries must be removed beforehand to prevent accidental activation of the laser module.

- The Safety Label must remain axed to the laser pointer

- Do not point the laser or allow laser light to be directed or reflected toward other people

- Operators of this laser pointer should be trained to not target the eyes of people, pets, animals, or to aim laser at reflective objects

- There is a potential hazard of eye or skin exposure to laser radiation if these instructions are not followed


Caution - laser light is bright and blinding - do not shine at aircraft or vehicles at any distance

For more information on lasers, please visit:

MWE laser modules are certified to meet FDA and IEC standards.

We offer two laser module classes:

1.Class 2 (1mW max power) – acceptable for sale anywhere laser pointers are permitted

2.Class 3R (5mW max power) – only sold to U.S. and Canada based customers

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