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Welcome to our site!

Midwest Woodworking Electronics offers electronic-based project kits for woodworkers.  Would you like to find out more?  Explore our website today.

Our Products

Electronic-based kits and accessories

Our first products to market are laser pointer kits.  Similar to pen turning kits, we provide the parts and instructions for the woodworker to turn their own blanks to assemble with the kit.  








Safety First

All of our products are designed, developed, and tested to ensure we meet or exceed all safety regulations for our customers.  

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About Us

Electronics expertise and a passion for woodworking.

Midwest Woodworking Electronics (MWE) provides project kits for woodworkers to create their own electronic gadgets with hand-crafted wood enclosures. 


We are a team of engineers who share a passion for woodworking.  With our professional expertise in electronics, we design and test our products to exceptional standards to ensure we provide quality project kits worthy of the finely crafted wood our customers create.







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