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Green Laser Pointer Kit - Rhodium

This patented laser pointer kit was designed, developed, tested, and FDA certified by Midwest Woodworking Electronics to ensure it meets our quality standards.  


Laser Pointer Kit comes with:

  1. Rhodium hardware finish
  2. Four different button sizes (flexibility for different diameters to allow a good button height)
  3. Green (515nm) Class 3R laser module
  4. Internal components to house the laser module
  5. Laser Warning Label - (FDA requirement)
  6. End-User Manual - For use when selling your laser pointer to others.  

Green Laser Pointer Kit - Rhodium

  • Required Tools:

    • 12.5mm Drill Bit
    • 5/32" Drill Bit
    • 12.5mm Barrel Trimmer
    • 7mm Mandrel
    • Laser Module Bushings
    • 2x AAA Batteries
    • Blank Size 7/8in X 5in (recommended), 3/4in X 5in (minimum)

    Optional / Recommended Tools:

    • On/Off Button Drill Jig
    • Shop Tweezers
    • Laser Module Wavelength: 515nm
    • Laser Module Class:  3R
    • Laser Module Power: 3mW (5mW maximum)
    • Operating Voltage: 2.5V - 3.3V
    • Laser Beam Spot Size at 30ft:  <0.5in
    • Laser Diode Life Expectancy: 10,000hrs
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